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Unfinished Revolutions

Special Issue: Unfinished Revolutions

Revolutions have been a hallmark of modernity, celebrating the transformation of hierarchies and established social relations; the death of traditions; and the emergence of new classes, identities, subjectivities, sexualities, nations, technologies, sciences, methodologies, and ideologies. Yet despite the creative energies unleashed with the initiation of revolutionary change, the completion of revolutionary projects seems remarkably rare. As its etymology suggests, revolution may refer to apparent movement, the action of turning, a return or repetition, or a discursive shift as often as it does to an instance of great change or a complete overthrow of established relations.
For this special issue, we invite feminist explorations of the intricacies of unfinished revolutions, whether situated in the context of cultural, demographic, epistemic, historical, methodological, national, political, scientific, sociological, or technological frames. We welcome submissions that creatively deploy feminist analytical categories to enrich under-standings of the dynamics, effects, implications, and consequences of unfinished revolutions.
Professor Phillip Rothwell, Department of Spanish and Portuguese, Rutgers University, will serve as guest editor of the special issue.
The deadline for submissions is June 30, 2010. The issue will appear in Winter 2012. 

Click here for Submission Guidelines. 

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