miércoles, 2 de febrero de 2011

UNIFEM Resources on Women, Peace and Security

UNIFEM (part of UN Women) has long been a partner to women in conflict-affected areas: bringing women together across geographic or political lines to agree on common positions in peace negotiations or post-conflict elections; supporting their engagement with security and justice institutions to stop impunity for violence against women; facilitating their inclusion in post-conflict planning processes to ensure their needs are addressed; and strengthening their engagement with peacekeeping forces to encourage creative responses to the considerable security threats women face.
This collection of UNIFEM papers brings together a considerable body of analytical and advocacy work undertaken over the last five years, grounded in programming that has helped advance the women, peace and security agenda in policy and practice.
The collection includes papers on gender issues in early warning, peace processes, peacekeeping, post-conflict planning and financing, and transitional justice. Together, the papers in this collection describe a range of ongoing efforts to strengthen the UN’s capacities to promote peace and prevent violence.

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