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Salud pública desde la perspectiva de género: Hitos e innovación, The Journal "Feminismo/s"

Many different events have influenced public health and particularly women's health in Spain. Studies have proliferated in the last decades highlighting that women present health indicators showing  situations to be improved.
The Journal "Feminismo/s" of the Centro de Estudios de la Mujer (CEM) of the Universidad de Alicante (Spain) devotes its 18th number to Public Health, with the title "Salud pública desde la perspectiva de género: Hitos e innovación" (Public health from a gender perspective: achievements and innovation).
Interested writers are welcomed to send their original articles, short articles and field notes with contributions from investigations and actions in public health from gender analysis and/or perspective, as those focused in:
1.  Look for, detect and analyze differences in the health state of women and men, in prevailing and/or relevant health problems in both sexes. Also health problems specific of women.
2.    Use gender as a category for an explanatory analysis of the health state, for example the influence on health of the different feminine roles, and how its consequences vary depending of women's socio-economic position, and of the hardships women go through.
3.    Carry out analysis of interactions between gender and other sociodemographic factors, as age, ethnicity and immigration, and their effect on health. Also the interaction of lifestyles/ life patterns with the traditional ones.
4.    Focus in the transformation of knowledge, or the change in professional practices related directly or indirectly to health, as those of health, work, educational fields and those of the media, among others. Also focus in the state of policies to reduce gender inequalities that affect to heath.
5.   Write about the geopolitical field as generator of inequalities in health, regardless of the individual socioeconomic situation.
The gender approach in health goes beyond the field of women's health. Because of this, researches with gender vision are welcomed, in which men are included as an essential element in power and inequality relationships that affect health, both of men and women.
                                   Opening of call for papers: 
January 27, 2011.
                                   Reception of articles: until 
July 17, 2011.
                                   Notification of acceptance: 
October 1, 2011
                                   Reception of final articles: until 
October 15, 2011.

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