lunes, 30 de enero de 2012

Cornell University Feminist, Gender and Sexuality Studies. Events spring 2012

Cornell's Feminist, Gender, & Sexuality Studies (FGSS) Program is one of the largest interdisciplinary programs in the College of Arts and Sciences, involving approximately 150 members of the greater Cornell faculty, staff and Ithaca community. It is also historically one of the first university women's studies programs in the country. FGSS offers courses, most of them cross-listed with other departments, in topics ranging from "Sex, Gender, and Communication " to "Women's Activism and Social Change in the Twentieth Century U.S." to "Theories of Reproduction" to "Food, Gender, and Culture." Close to 500 students enroll in courses cross-listed with FGSS.
The Program is governed by an Advisory Committee comprised of faculty, students and staff whose charge is to advise the Director and guide the Program's intellectual direction and sponsored activities; a Core Faculty, comprised of those faculty members who most actively teach and advise in the Program and whose membership also governs tenure review and promotion decisions; and several smaller subcommittees (on Undergraduate and Graduate Affairs, for example), which oversee awards as well as curriculum issues. The Feminist, Gender, & Sexuality Studies Program welcomes your participation in its governance and encourages faculty, students, and staff to contact the Program Office to become actively involved.
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