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Training of gender audit facilitators

Monitoring and assessment mechanisms facilitate the implementation of policies, as they measure the impact of the activities on the target group and assess whether the targets are actually met.
The ILO Participatory Gender Audit Methodology is a particularly proactive method, based on a participatory and learning approach at the individual, work unit and organizational level.
The word “audit” has been normally understood to be “an accounting exercise” where an external expert evaluates a work unit and submits conclusions and recommendations to the management.
The ILO Participatory gender audit is essentially different. It is a participatory exercise, using a diagnostic self-assessment approach, actively involving the members of the participating units to reflect and analyze their own gender capacity and gender deficits. It helps identify areas of difficulties and challenges ahead. It seeks to promote organizational learning at the individual, work unit and organisation levels on how to practically and effectively mainstream gender in the policies, programmes and structures of the organization and promote gender equality at all levels and ownership of the process and outcome and at the same time assesses the extent to which the policy on gender mainstreaming is being institutionalized.
Course description
This course draws on the extensive experience the ILO has developed in-house in a series of groundbreaking gender audits involving staff and constituents from virtually every region in the world.
The ILO Participatory Gender Audit Manual shall be used as reference material for the course.
06 - 10 June 2011
Learn about the ILO's participatory gender audit as a tool for assessing your organization's gender performance for turning it into a learning and gender transformative institution.
Who should participate? Officials from governments, workers' and employers' organizations with sound gender expertise, United Nations and other international organization staff.
This course will be held in English. A French version will take place in October, see the course A904060 - Formation de facilitateurs et facilitatrices en audit de genre.
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