viernes, 6 de mayo de 2011

Series: Women's Economic Rights (Southern Cone) de UNWomen

Si te interesa ver más documentales de la serie de cinco, tanto en inglés como en castellano, en la lista de reproducción de UNWomen en youtube.
Descripción: The countries of the Southern Cone have distinct economic realities. However, when the issue is women and labor markets, they have something in common. Women have less secure jobs, receive lower wages, and generally work in the informal sector. Not only is their work undervalued, they face a double workload as they seek to conciliate their working lives with their roles as homemakers and caregivers. In this five-part series, TV Brasil International evaluates the economic realities women live in and the challenges they face in the Southern Cone region, particularly in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Chile. (Producers: TV Brasil International, UN Women; Date of Release: March 2011; Language: Portuguese. Available in English and Spanish subtitles)

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