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Arab Film Festival 2011

Our Mission
The mission of the Arab Film Festival (AFF) is to enhance public understanding of Arab culture and to provide alternative representations of Arabs that contradict the stereotypical images frequently encountered in the American mass media. The Arab Film Festival screens films from and about the Arab World that provide realistic perspectives on Arab people, culture, art, history and politics.

Mamlakit Al Nisa'a Ein El Hilweh (The Kingdom of Women: Ein El Hilweh)
Dahna Abourahme
Documentary | Lebanon | 2011 | 54 min.
The story of the women of Ein El Hilweh refugee camp between 1982-1984 is an important chapter in the history of Palestinian refugee women in Lebanon. After the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 1982, the camp was destroyed and its men imprisoned. Weaving between past and present, animation and daily life, it documents the community and organizing spirit of the women during this period, how they were able to rebuild the camp, protect and provide for their families while their men were held captive, and honors how women continue to contribute to the survival of the Palestinian community in exile.
10/14 2:00pm - Buy Tickets
Embarcadero, San Francisco
10/21 5:00pm - Buy Tickets
Shattuck Cinemas, Berkeley
10/22 5:30pm - Buy Tickets
Writers Guild of America Theater, Los Angeles 

Three Veils
Rolla Selbak
Feature Film | USA | 2011 | 117 min.
Set in the US, the lives of three Middle Eastern women intertwine as they struggle to defy tradition and create their own realities. Leila is the stable “girl next door” anticipating what her wedding night will be like. Her sexy, free-spirited friend Nikki is the life of every party but she’s hiding from a dark past. Amira is a shy, religious girl with a rigid, uncompromising mother. Conflicted, her strict upbringing clashes with her seemingly inexplicable desire to be around Nikki all the time. From an arranged marriage and a lesbian love affair to an abusive family situation, the film daringly tackles contemporary issues.
10/21 7:00pm - Buy Tickets
Shattuck Cinemas, Berkeley
10/23 7:00pm - Buy Tickets
Writers Guild of America Theater, Los Angeles 
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