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Asia Pacific Feminist Forum (APFF)

APWLD invites women lawyers, academics and activists to register to attend.
Application Deadline: 4 November 2011
APWLD will hold the first ever Asia Pacific Feminist Forum (APFF) on 12-14 December 2011 in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The APFF will bring together women activists, lawyers, academics, advocates and youth leaders to celebrate our collective achievements, reflect on our challenges and shifting political environments, deepen feminist knowledge and analysis, strengthen our sisterhood, solidarity and collaboration and reaffirm our resolve to advance women’s rights.
The APFF will focus on movement and skills building. The forum will be participatory and workshop based, so plenary sessions will be limited – as will powerpoint! It will be a great networking opportunity for our members and partners, a venue to exchange ideas, to learn about different advocacy strategies and to hopefully encourage more collaboration within the region.
Profile of Participants:100-150 women from the Asia-Pacific region. The participants will be a mix of lawyers, activists and academics. Grassroots and marginalised women will be prioritized for funding support. At least 30% of the participants will be women under 35.
Participants will be selected based on the following considerations:*Balance in regional representation from the countries in Asia and the Pacific Islands*30% quota of women under 35*A mixture of lawyers, activists and academics who are part of the women’s movement*30% women from marginalised groups including rural, indigenous, migrant women, women living with disabilities, sexual minorities
Workshops will focus on:
1.  Knowledge building: to share new scholarship, analysis, and understandings in key areas of challenges confronting the women’s movement in the region.
2. Skills building: to develop strategies and practical skills that can aid women’s rights advocacy.
3. Movement building: to strengthen collaboration across nations or regions and build new movements that reflect current challenges.
4. Our Well-being: Massage, dance, song writing workshops, and other creative workshops for our well being.
Cost of the conference and sponsorship:
Conference registration cost will be $75 (this covers conference access, tea breaks, meals and conference pack). APWLD members are not required to pay registration. Funding support is available to a limited number of participants who meet our target groups. Please indicate on the application form whether you require funding support.
The last day to accept applications will be: 4 November 2011
Procedure: All applicants should submit a completed application form along with their CV or Short Bio.

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